a lot of love,
a lot of blood

"On the whole I am inclined to think that a witch should not kiss. Perhaps it is the not being kissed that makes her a witch; perhaps the source of her power is the breath of loneliness around her." - Emma Donoghue

S., 24, Italian. Kate is my internet handle and you can call me that. People scare me so I'll probably never talk to you even if I think you're cool, and if I do it'll be very awkward. English is my second language; I apologize for any mistakes.

I love a lot of things, including fairy tales, mythology, ladies who make music, ladies in general, history, languages. I watch a lot of movies and tv, I ship all the things, and I love Pokémon a lot.

a list of favorite fairytale adaptations:Снежная Королева (The Snow Queen), Soviet Union, 1966

a list of favorite fairytale adaptations:
Снежная Королева (The Snow Queen), Soviet Union, 1966

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