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"On the whole I am inclined to think that a witch should not kiss. Perhaps it is the not being kissed that makes her a witch; perhaps the source of her power is the breath of loneliness around her." - Emma Donoghue

S., 24, Italian. Kate is my internet handle and you can call me that. People scare me so I'll probably never talk to you even if I think you're cool, and if I do it'll be very awkward. English is my second language; I apologize for any mistakes.

I love a lot of things, including fairy tales, mythology, ladies who make music, ladies in general, history, languages. I watch a lot of movies and tv, I ship all the things, and I love Pokémon a lot.

Happy 49th Birthday to Tori Amos. Out of all of the musicians important to me in my life, Tori has one of the most cherished spots in my heart, mind, and soul. Her music has affected me in more ways than I could ever convey, and I have an immense amount of respect for this beautiful woman, and I must admit that her music is one of the greatest gifts in my life. While I have not been an “EWF” for as long as many others, I feel that Tori’s music has always been a part of me, and when I began listening to her, so much made sense to me, and it was as if I had always been listening to her beautiful music, crying over the beautiful poignancy of her lyrics, and simply being inspired. I don’t think any artist has moved me as much as Tori Amos has, and I am very passionate about music. I feel like I wouldn’t be here— or at least I wouldn’t be the person I am today— without having discovered her music. Little Earthquakes is not only my favorite Tori album, but my favorite album of all time, and it definitely got me through some of the worst months of my life. I feel like while I felt so alone, Tori’s music always found me, and helped to heal me in the end. Her words have taken me to the darkest places, and the brightest. Her music and words have taught me so much about myself and the world around me, due to Tori’s strong command of human emotions and the English language. There are so many feelings and emotions I’ve had, but lacked the ability to put into words… but she has managed to say what I couldn’t, and helped me find a voice, including my own. So, thank you, Tori. Thank you for helping me find strength when I needed it most.

“Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again.” 

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    Awww, old school Tori music videos. I’ll always have a soft spot for the early ones by Cindy Palmano.
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    Forever love.
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    Happy birthday to Tori Amos.
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