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"On the whole I am inclined to think that a witch should not kiss. Perhaps it is the not being kissed that makes her a witch; perhaps the source of her power is the breath of loneliness around her." - Emma Donoghue

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I love a lot of things, including fairy tales, mythology, ladies who make music, ladies in general, history, languages. I watch a lot of movies and tv, I ship all the things, and I love Pokémon a lot.


YUNYU - Twisted Tales - Episode 2 - Bluebeard

Bluebeard is the second single from Twisted Tales. 

Yunyu’s version of this tale is a dark and chilling rendition of the exploits of real life Bluebeards who use religion to justify their sexual abuse of women and children. Offering a musical lifeline to her characters, Yunyu used SOS Morse code as a base for the track. Bluebeard is post-modern rock meeting with Kate Bush-esque vocals, and reaches a violent crescendo of electrifying guitar. Short, sharp verses repeat in rhythmic sequence while the band keeps up with the multiple changes in time signatures.

I love the way the video makes use of the drawing-on-sand imagery.

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#yunyu #music #TW: abuse